cc_selfWildlife photographer C.C. Lockwood has lived and worked in fragile ecosystems whose preservation shapes his artistry. Through words and images, he has captured the unique sense of space in wild places as diverse as Louisiana swampland and the rugged back country of the American West. His work has earned him international acclaim as an environmental artist, including the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for conservation photography. Lockwood’s work continues to reflect changes and perils in the natural world. His eleventh book, Marsh Mission, is part of a years-long effort by Lockwood to bring attention to the crisis of vanishing Gulf Coast wetlands. His newest book, Louisiana Wild, The Lands Protected and Restored by The Nature Conservancy, portrays the good work this organization is doing on over 280,000 acres of land in our state. C.C. said, “I felt like a kid in a candy store, when I started this project, for I got to visit swamps, lakes, marshes, prairies and oyster reefs form the Arkansas border to the Grand Isle wetlands.”


Future projects include books on sunsets, beaches, and dogs. He is also working on a sustainable agriculture project. He will soon produce a digital book on birds for handheld media machines. Most recently C.C. ‘s iconic image, “Flat Lake Sunset,” has been chosen by the USPS to be the official bicentennial stamp.

MM2b Swamp rabbit Sylvilagus aquaticus Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana, USA

Swamp rabbit
Sylvilagus aquaticus
Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana, USA


  • Louisiana Wild, The Lands Restored and Protected by The Nature Conservancy, LSU Press, 2015
  • The Oil Flow, an app for iPad, Wind River Creative, 2011
  • C.C. Lockwood’s Atchafalaya, LSU Press, 2007
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  • Marsh Mission: Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands, with Rhea Gary, LSU Press, 2005
  • Mike the Tiger, the Roar of LSU, photographs by C.C. Lockwood, 2003
  • The Alligator Book, LSU Press, 2002
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  • Smithsonian Magazine, “The Yucatán’s Flooded Basement,” April 1998
  • National Geographic Magazine, “Mississippi Delta,” August 1983
  • National Geographic Magazine, “Neshoba County Fair,” June 1980
  • National Geographic Magazine, “Atchafalaya,” September 1979
  • Additional credits in thousands of magazines, books, advertisements and other media
Cajuns paddle, push and pull pirogue through Water Hyacinth; Eichhornia crassipes

Cajuns paddle, push and pull pirogue through Water Hyacinth; Eichhornia crassipes


  • Conservation Communicator of the Year, Louisiana Wildlife Federation, 2005
  • Louisiana Legend Award, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, 2000
  • Louisiana State University Alumni Association Hall of Distinction, 2006
  • Notable Book of 1984, American Library Association
  • Book of the Year, Louisiana Literary Awards, 1981
  • Sierra Club Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, 1978


  • Marsh Mission, 30 photographs, in collaboration with painter Rhea Gary, 2005
  • Alligator Exhibit, 40 photographs, 2002
  • Gulf Coast Exhibit, 25 photographs, 1984
  • Terrebonne Parish Exhibit, 48 photographs, 1979
  • Atchafalaya Exhibit, 35 photographs, 1975


  • “Atchafalaya: America’s Largest River Basin Swamp,” filmed, written and directed by C.C. Lockwood, 1977
  • Numerous environmental public service announcements


Lockwood is a frequent speaker on wildlife, conservation photography and environmental issues at national, state and local conferences

A dog rests in his master's fishing nets

A dog rests in his master’s fishing nets


  • American Society of Media Photographers
  • North American Nature Photographers Association
  • Friends of New Orleans, Board Member
  • Southeastern Outdoor Press Association
  • Louisiana Press Association
  • Baton Rouge Audubon Society, co-founder
  • The Clean Team, co-founder
  • Nature Conservancy of Louisiana, past board member
  • Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, past board member


C.C. Lockwood was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in the late 1940’s and grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he graduated from Southside High School. He moved to Louisiana in 1967 to attend Louisiana State University, where he received his B.S. in Finance in 1971. During his early years in Louisiana, he fell in love with the state’s swampy backcountry, and he abandoned plans for a career in business as soon as he graduated. He taught himself photography and headed for wild places, determined to make a living capturing images of nature. Much of this time has been on a houseboat.

He has been married to Sue Richardson since 1996.